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This is The Beauty of Nusa Penida Beach – Bali has never lost its charm even though it has always changed from year to year. This place is one of the favorite tourist attractions for tourists, both local and foreign tourists. That is certainly because Bali has many interesting locations that can be visited while on vacation and spending time there. If you want to enjoy the beauty of Bali that is not much visited by tourists, you can visit Nusa Penida Beach. Various natural beauty in Nusa Penida will spoil you with its charm.

These are some of Nusa Penida beaches that are a favorite of tourists who love it if you miss.

1. Crystal Bay Beach

Nusa Penida Beach is one of the favorite tourist destinations for local and foreign tourists. Even on this beach you can enjoy exciting holidays with families, especially children. This seawater tends to be calm with small waves so it is safe to use it for children. Crystal Bay Beach also has white and soft beach sand and clear sea water so it is very beautiful when viewed. Even so clear, coral reefs and marine biota that swim around these waters you can see directly only from the surface.

2. Angel’s Billabong

Angel’s billanong is a Nusa Penida beach that is quite famous and arguably one of the exotic tourist attractions and is a favorite of many. In this place you can feel the thrill of swimming in a pool surrounded by towering cliffs. The water in the Angel’s Billabong attraction is very clear which has a green Tosca color and looks very beautiful. If you are on vacation here, you must be careful because the cliffs that are located in this place are sharp and quite steep.

nusa penida beach tempat wisata nusa penida angel's billabong wisata nusa penida

3. Pasih Uug / Broken Bay

Nusa Penida Beach which is the next tourist favorite is Pasih Uug. On the beach you can see a cliff that has a hole in the middle with a height of about 50-200 meters. When viewed from above, the cliff will look like a bridge. If you visit here you can get a calm atmosphere because it is far from residential areas. If you are lucky, you can see a group of stingrays or turtles that are swimming around the waters of Pasih Uug.

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4. Kelingking Beach

This place is the beach of Nusa Penida which is still new and began to be known by tourists in 2016, especially by foreign tourists. The cliff top of Kelingking Beach is now often used as a pre-wedding photo spot. An interesting thing that you can get is that you can see manta rays swimming around the coastal waters when the water is receding. Not only that, you will find a lot of caves along the coast which is a bird’s nest wallet.

nusa penida beach tempat Wisata Nusa Penida Bali Pantai Kelingking

Some of these places are Nusa Penida beaches which are visited by many local and foreign tourists. The natural beauty offered of course will attract every visitor who comes there. Moreover, in Nusa Penida it is also not as crowded in Bali so you can enjoy a relaxing holiday atmosphere. If you are a person who likes to travel in nature then a tour in Nusa Penida is a very suitable thing. Don’t forget to prepare your holiday well so that it runs according to the plan you want.

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