Nusa Penida Destination paket wisata nusa penida bali

Bali is a paradise that many local and foreign tourists always want to visit. Who would have thought it turns out Bali also saves another paradise that has not been visited by many people. Nusa Penida, is one of the islands near Bali which is only separated by a strait. Although not so much visited, but the beauty of tourist attractions in Nusa Penida can not be doubted. Even this place is indeed a paradise for nature lovers and people who don’t really like tourist attractions that are crowded with visitors.

Here are some tourist attractions in Nusa Penida that have natural beauty so it’s a shame if you just miss it.

1. Banah

Located on the west side of Nusa Penida, Banah is one of the tourist attractions in Nusa Penida that is most suitable for sunset lovers. In this place there is a field that is on the edge of a cliff with a view that leads directly to the sea so that it can make you satisfied enjoying the process of disappearing the sun from the horizon. Although it is the right place to enjoy the sunset, visiting this place in the morning also doesn’t hurt. The sea view will still be stunning, plus you can see fish from above here. That’s because right in front of the cliff Banah is a Manta Cleaning Station. So you can see the manta fish that swim beautifully.

Banah Beach Nusa Penida

2. Tembeling

Tembeling was once famous for its very clear natural pool before the pond was hit by a landslide. As a result of the landslides that hit the Tembeling pond, it has now been covered by landslides from the cliffs located above the pond. Even so, tourist attractions in Nusa Penida still have a beach with a view that will make you stunned. There are two beaches in Tembeling that have their own uniqueness.

The first beach has strong waves with its beach lips which have large purple stones with green moss on it. While the second beach, right next to the first beach, is a beach with stacked stones made by human hands. If you want to reach this second beach you have to pass a fairly large cave. The stacked stones are located right in the mouth of Goa. Because the waves in tourist attractions in Nusa Penida are quite large, you will not be able to swim and can only play on the edge of the beach.

Wisata Nusa Penida Mata Air Tembeling

3. Throwing Tree House

If you visit the eastern part of Nusa Penida you will find a tourist spot in Nusa Penida in the form of a tree house. This tree house is located on the edge of a cliff with views of Thousand Islands directly in front of him. Not only that, tourists can also enjoy the beauty of the beach from the tree house so that it looks more charming. From this tree house you will be presented with a view of the ocean that looks blue and so soothing. You can also use this place to spend the night but, order the place from afar because this tree house is only one and always full.

Tree House Nusa Penida
Tree House

Some of these places have a beauty that will amaze you. If you are visiting Nusa Penida it will be a shame if you don’t visit the tourist attractions in Nusa Penida. Even for those of you who plan to spend the night in Nusa Penida you can enjoy the beauty of the sunset from the beach before returning to the inn. Seeing the sunset with a beach view will look very amazing.

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