Preparations for Vacation to Nusa Penida Island – If you are bored with a vacation in Bali then you can try a holiday in Nusa Penida Island. You will enjoy the beauty presented there no less stunning with the charm of the island of the gods. This place is not far from the island of Bali and can only be accessed by sea. There are several ports in Bali that you can use to cross if you want to vacation in Nusa Penida. However, before going there you have to prepare some things that support your vacation.

Preparations for Vacation to Nusa Penida Island

Check out some of the things you need to prepare when planning a vacation in Nusa Penida.

1. Identity Document

Of course identity documents are things that are naturally taken anywhere while traveling. Whether it’s traveling nearby is also far away like vacationing in Nusa Penida Island. Self identity is very important as a means of referring oneself in certain situations. In addition, while on vacation in Nusa Penida you definitely need transportation that can be used to get tours there. To win a motorbike or car, in some rental places you will need a number of your identities. Don’t let you can’t explore the beautiful tours there because you can get transportation.

2. Sunglasses

Black glasses are widely used on the beach. No more opening people who use black glass before noon. Of course because it is useful to ward off the sun glare that is needed very brightly in the coastal area. However, black glasses also have another function besides counteracting the sun, that is, it can make you cooler and chill when taking pictures on the beach. Taking photos that you take on holiday compilations can you post on your social media.

3. Sunscreen

The intense heat of the sun is certainly harmful to our skin. Especially when we are vacationing on Nusa Penida beach, the hot sun will continuously hit the skin of your body. If this is allowed, it can cause skin burns. Of course you don’t want to experience that while on vacation right? Therefore, it is important to bring sunscreen as a protective skin for a vacation on the beach. That way you don’t need to be afraid of the threat of burning skin.

4. Speaker / Headset

The most calming thing is to be able to enjoy the calm atmosphere of the beach with the breeze blowing. Plus, while listening to favorite music on the beach and accompanied by the sound of waves that shouted to each other. This is a very enjoyable activity and makes us more relaxed while on vacation at Nusa Penida beach. So if you want to enjoy it, don’t forget to bring a speaker or headset so you can accompany all your holiday activities.

5. Change clothes

For those of you who like to explore underwater beauty or just enjoy playing water on Nusa Penida beach then a change of clothes is something that must be brought. Bring a change of clothes will make you more comfortable when visiting the next tourist destination.

Those are some things you need to prepare if you are going on vacation to Nusa Penida. Prepare your holiday carefully so that the time there can go according to what you planned. Don’t forget to make sure that you have booked airplane tickets, booked accommodations and have a list of attractions you want to visit. Don’t let it be because you missed one thing, making your vacation mess.

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