Nusa Penida Tourism in Bali Holidays that are Anti Mainstream” is locked Nusa Penida Tourism in Bali Holidays that are Anti Mainstream

Nusa Penida Tourism in Bali Holidays that are Anti Mainstream – If you want to vacation by looking for natural beauty, like watersports activities such as snorkeling, diving, banana boating and love holiday activities on the beach then visiting Nusa Penida tours, is perfect for you. Many beaches that you can enjoy there and have amazing views. This place is also a paradise for those of you who like watersports activities. However, you must prepare your vacation carefully so you can enjoy all the beauty that is there.

Therefore, consider the review of the white sand beach on Nusa Penida tourism, which has beautiful scenery and is rarely visited in Bali.

1. Angel’s Billabong

Angel’s Billabong is a favorite place for many people while exploring Nusa Penida tours. The location of Angel’s Billabong is very unique and there is rarely such a place anywhere else. Angel’s Billabong is an estuary located near the sea. However, the mouth of the river is dead, so that the water is inundated and forms a pond. Angel’s Billabong pool is flanked by two coral cliffs and has very clear water so you can see the bottom of the pool. This place is a pity you miss when visiting Nusa Penida tourism.

2. Crystal Bay Beach

Crystal Bay Beach is one of the attractions of Nusa Penida in the form of a beach that gets many visits from tourists, especially foreign tourists who love marine tourism activities especially snorkeling. This beach has the real name Penida beach, while Crystal Bay is the name given by foreign tourists. That is because Penida beach has very clear and sparkling seawater like a crystal. The best time to visit Crystal Bay beach especially before sunset.

3. Kelingking Beach

This beach has a sea view with a coral cliff that looks like a T-Rex, and below it is a white sand beach. Because it has the shape of a coral cliff that resembles Tyrannosaurus Rex, making this hill cliff become one of the favorite tourist destinations of Nusa Penida of Indonesian tourists. From the top of the Kelingking hill you can see the white sand beach which is very clean with bluish water colors. If you want to set foot on the Kelingking beach, you have to go down a steep cliff using a ladder. On the edge of the stairs there is a bamboo fence that is used as a place to hold.

When going down the cliff you will feel anxious to fall, especially if you are knitting a height. Cliffs that have to be descended are very steep and it takes about 30 minutes to get to the beach. After you have finished descending the stairs the road does not get easier, because you will find a very steep ladder and leads to the beach area. But all the fear and fatigue will disappear when setting foot on the sand of the Kelingking beach. From the coastline you can see very calm waves with fine grains of white sand. But unfortunately, the beach which is a tourist attraction of Nusa Penida tourism has large waves so that the danger if used for swimming.

For now, Nusa Penida tourism objects are more suitable to be visited by those of you who like adventure and like a vacation to a hidden beach. This is due to the inadequate tourism infrastructure in Nusa Penida, especially the paved roads. But now the government has been aggressively building infrastructure, even every year many roads that were previously in the form of trails, are now on asphalt. If you vacation with family and children, it’s better to choose a vacation to Nusa Lembongan island. Because the tourism infrastructure there is very adequate.

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