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Lodging in Nusa Penida Which is Close to The Beach – The thing you need to pay attention when arranging a vacation plan is to determine the place to stay while you are in Nusa Penida. During your day exploring the attractions in Nusa Penida then afterwards you want to stay in a comfortable hotel. Of course you do not want to get lodging in Nusa Penida with conditions that are not as expected. Therefore, before choosing a hotel you can read carefully the review of the inn so that you will not feel disappointed later.

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Here are some of the accommodations in Nusa Penida that you can consider before you decide to choose the lodging in Nusa Penida where you spend the night.

1. The Sea View Park

Close to Nusa Penida there is another small island called Nusa Lembongan which also has enchanting natural beauty. You can find lodging in Nusa Penida named the Park Sea View which has a blue view of the sea because to get to the beach it only takes 10 minutes. This place is also equipped with an outdoor swimming pool and a deck for sunbathing so it is suitable for relaxing. The facilities offered if you stay here are also complete such as Wi-Fi, bicycle, car and restaurant rental services.

2. The Umah Prahu Nusa Penida

Lodging in Nusa Penida this one is located in Banjar Batumulapan, Klungkung Nusa Penida. If you are a beach lover, you can reach it in just one minute from the inn to the beach. The Umah Prahu location is also quite strategic because it is only approximately 3.8 km from Goa Giri Putri Temple which is also adjacent to the Penataran Dalem Ped Temple, approximately 6 km away. In each room here there will be a garden to relax. This place faces directly to the beach so you are presented with a very beautiful view and can be enjoyed from the inn.

3. Beautiful House Nusa Penida

Beautiful House is located on the Nusa Penida Batululapan Highway adjacent to Gepah Garden Cottage and Manta Cottage. The Umah Prahu is an inn in Nusa Penida that has a large courtyard and is neatly arranged. The courtyard of this inn is perfect if used to relax and chat with friends. In this place you can enjoy various facilities ranging from Hot Water, AC, Satellite TV, Breakfast and Wi-Fi. The location of this inn is also close to the beach so that it will be easier for you to visit it.

4. Secret Point Huts Bungalow

In addition to lodging in Nusa Penida there are hotels on Nusa Ceningan with sea views that are also charming. If you want to stay at this place then you only need to travel five meters from Ceningan Point. In this place you can enjoy lodging with a shape similar to a barn and have a semi-open bathroom. You can enjoy beautiful sea views from the inn, swimming pool, enjoy massage services and motorbike rental.

Some lodging in Nusa Penida here have a beauty that can make you enjoy the beauty of the beach even though you are at the inn. Of course the atmosphere can make you feel more relaxed while resting. To find the right lodging to spend your night in Nusa Penida then you can see various reviews about the inn. Reviews provided by previous travelers can make you find a fairly clear picture of the inn. So you can easily determine which lodging suits your taste.

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