Wisata Nusa Penida Island Manta Point

If you like holidays with not many tourists in every object you are visiting then you visit tourist attractions in Nusa Penida. To get to this place you can only access it through the waterway by crossing using a boat. The time taken is not long, only about 1 hour by speed boat from the port of Sanur Bali. The island is only separated by the Badung strait from the island of Bali. In this place you can enjoy various activities, such as playing water, diving, snorkeling, sunbathing or just enjoying the charm that is there.

Here are some tourist attractions in Nusa Penida that you can visit when deciding to vacation in this place.

1. Manta Point

This tourist spot in Nusa Penida is the best diving and snorkeling spot if you want to enjoy the sensation of diving with Manta fish. At Manta Point you can experience swimming with Pari fish with a range of wings more than 3 m which has a variety of motives. In addition, you can also enjoy hidden paradise under other seas such as beautiful fish, octopus, porcelain crabs, moray eels, soft and hard corals. But if you want to dive in this place it is recommended that those who are professional in diving or use guides because the depth is around 7-20 meters.

Nusa Penida Island – Manta Point

2. Paluang Temple

As in Bali, the majority of residents in Nusa Penida Bali also adhere to Hinduism so that this area has many temples. There is one temple that is quite unique and is usually used as a tourist spot in Nusa Penida, namely, pura paluang. This temple is located on the high seas so it looks very unique. In addition, in this place you will find two pelinggih shaped like VW Beatles and Jimmy. Because of that, this temple was dubbed the temple car.

Nusa Penida Island – Paluang Temple

3. Andus Beach

Andus Nusa Beach by foreign tourists is better known as smoke beach. Not that this beach can smoke as the name suggests, but tourist attractions in Nusa Penida have big waves that hit the cliffs. The waves crashing with cliffs will give off water that resembles smoke. To see the moment you have to wait a while until the waves hit the high cliffs. The waves that hit the cliff and create an impression like smoke is what makes the Andus Beach unique.

Nusa Penida Island – Andus Beach

4. Seganing Waterfall

If you visit this tourist spot in Nusa Penida, you must prepare extra energy and physical excellence. Especially for those of you who like adventure in nature then visiting this place is a suitable choice. How not, to get to this location sanda must go down the steep precipice first. Even there are only wooden stairs and bamboo handles that help you reach the spring. But all the fatigue felt during the trip will pay off with the beauty of the waterfall that is close to the sea. Plus you can see the cliffs that stand firm, making the scenery very enchanting.

Interestingly open? Various places in Nusa Penida have their own beauty. Of course there are still many tourist attractions in Nusa Penida that you can visit while on vacation there. Therefore, you must look for references to various tourism objects in Nusa Penida. After that you can make a tour list which you will visit, adjust it with how many days you have to vacation there. By preparing your holiday as well as possible, it can make your vacation more enjoyable.

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