An Easy Way to Choose a Nusa Penida Car Rental -The natural beauty of Nusa Penida can be enjoyed starting from a range of beaches decorated with unique cliffs, spots that the sea with a variety of fauna that you can enjoy with snorkeling, natural biota that you can approach with diving, and others. No wonder the small island, which is part of Bali but is separated from the ocean, is a favorite of both domestic and foreign tourists. Existing facilities also pamper tourists to get a pleasant experience on this pristine island. Starting from affordable accommodation, professional tour guides, to car rental services are also available here. Nusa Penida car rental offers a variety of services that are of interest to you.

If you are confused to choose a Nusa Penida car rental place, you need to pay attention to the following points.

1. Conditions for Car Rental

Each Nusa Penida car rental service provider has its own rules, not all of them are the same. For example, the car you rent can be used 6 hours per day with the terms of use outside that valued at Rp 30,000 per hour. Other places allow the use of a car a maximum of 8 hours per day with the use of outside hours charged at IDR 35,000 per hour. From there you have to really consider the needs and choose the appropriate car rental place.

2. Types of rental services

Some Nusa Penida car rental places can provide key release methods, and some do not. If you are among those who need privacy to enjoy a holiday, it is recommended that you look for a car rental place that you can drive as you like with friends and family. However, if you are someone who is not bothered by the presence of foreigners, you can use the services of a driver to deliver to tourist attractions. All you need to pay attention is to get a car rental service, you have to spend more than Rp. 200-300 thousand rupiah. In addition, the empty seat in the car will be reduced by one person to someone other than your group, the rented driver.

3. Types of Rental Cars

The cars offered at the Nusa Penida car rental are various types. This also affects the size and capacity of the occupants. You certainly have to pay attention to car capacity and driving comfort. Including items for holidays must be considered. Do not overload the luggage capacity so that it does not have room to move when in the car and makes it uncomfortable. If you are on vacation with a group, it is recommended that you choose an elf car which even though the rental price per day is more expensive but it would be more fun if you could get a vehicle with a vacation friend.

4. Travel Lines

Nusa Penida with its natural beauty that you can enjoy in every corner makes you confused which attractions to visit. It is recommended that you take the same direction, so that time is not wasted just for mobilization. Some Nusa Penida rental cars have travel packages at a sloping price, of course. You can use it to save money, but the holiday you get remains the maximum. Among them are the west route tour, east lane tour, south lane tour, and yatra tirta tour. From there you can plan again where to enjoy this exotic island.

After you understand the tips for choosing a rental car for a vacation in Nusa Penida. The thing you need to prepare is holiday equipment to keep it fun and can eliminate fatigue. In this island there are also many lodging facilities, tour agents, and professional tour guides that you can choose. Take advantage of the Nusa Penida car rental place to get a pleasant holiday with the group. Be sure to choose the right type of car so it’s always comfortable when exploring the beauty of Nusa Penida.

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